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Bye 2010, Hello there 2011!

Good bye, 2010, you were pretty nice to me. Hello 2011, please be nice to me? I accomplished quite a few things I’m proud of during 2010 that I never imagined I would even try in 2009. I completed my … Continue reading


13,000 Santas with some Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Vegas.

First off, I’m quite late but hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! And I hope you got sauced! Carrying on… Ho ho ho! Haven’t had too much going on in Seanland over the past couple of months, but I did … Continue reading

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US Half – The first half

I’ve been neglecting my blog way too much lately. And I’ve been neglecting my health a bit too. I need to change that. Stat. Here are some photos of the US Half Marathon in San Francisco. I uploaded these almost … Continue reading

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The Warrior Dash!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween weekend! I spent it at home watching the Giants in the World Series! It is now 3 games to 1 so one more win and the Giants will take the title. I live in … Continue reading

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The Steamtown kind of vacation.

It has been five years since I went ‘home’ to visit friends and family in Scranton, PA. A little over five years ago, as a newlywed, we packed up all our belongings into a rented Penske truck with my rotting … Continue reading

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Video blog #2 – My first piano!

Upon arriving home here in Scranton one of the first things I had to do was sit down and play my piano. I paid for this piano mostly from my own paper route money when I was around 13. It … Continue reading


The Phillies Room – My first video blog!

I gave it the old college try last night and made a video blog of what I found when I arrived back in Scranton. Now I haven’t been back to Scranton in 5 years so I didn’t know what changed … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Runniversary to me!

About one year ago was when I picked up running when I completed the Steven’s Creek Trailblazers 5k. I tried running a few times leading up to that race but never really gave it much effort and failed on following … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Sprinting and Look out, Ironman Texas!

Yep, that title means what you think it means. More on that in a few. It feels good to know I’m actually making some progress on my speed and overall feeling when doing all these events. I got to race … Continue reading

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My First Marathon!

I couldn’t be satisfied by being just a month late posting my very first half ironman performance so I had to go ahead and delay the posting of my first marathon finish! Exactly one week after finishing the Vineman 70.3 … Continue reading

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