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Oh? You clicked ‘About Me’ and you actually expected information about me? Really? Well, fine. Here we go.

My name is Sean and I’m a recovering couch potato. I grew up and spent most of my life in Scranton, Pennsylvania and before you ask, no, it is absolutely nothing like the office. There is not even a Hooters even remotely close to it!

I attended Penn State University and majored in Information, Sciences and Technology. I’ve been into computers for a long time and even ran a BBS for a while during 1992-1996. I bet most people that read this don’t even know what a BBS even is anymore! I’ve worked a couple of helpdesk jobs while in University and wound up landing an IT position at a financial institution where I currently now work. My technical interests mostly relate to networking (Cisco products mostly) and computer/network security. I do program a little bit in .NET languages, but I’m a pretty heavy Linux enthusiast. If you care about my flavor preferences, I started with Slackware 3.0 way back when but I currently use the newest version of Ubuntu.

In 2005 I got married to the best woman on the entire planet. A couple weeks after our wedding we packed up all of our stuff and shoved it all into a rented Penske truck with my car hitched on a car carrier. I drove that monster 2,731 miles and and stopped in Sunnyvale, California. As a nerd I always thought it was a magical place because of the reference to it in the movie Wargames.

I was active playing soccer and lifting weights during up until the end of my sophomore year of college. I ended up getting spouts of Iliotibial band syndrome and neglected fixing the problem and chose to ignore it and rested for a long time. Yes, a few years. I put on quite a bit of weight during the time and didn’t really engage in much exercise outside of walking around here or there. I don’t really know what possessed me to do it but it started to change in 2007 when I bought my first road bike. A 2007 Specialized Sequioa.

I was in heaven when I saw it and, as expected, Kelly wanted a bicycle too so we headed out pretty much right after I got home with a new bicycle for her! A 2006 Giant OCR 3.

We started driving to a paved trail to ride on for a while and as my fitness improved we started riding to that trail. (I’m happy to say I RUN to that trail now!) I went on only cycling for a while and became a big fan of cycling and started following professional cycling. Time trials were always attractive to me – the bike position, those weird bikes etc. Kelly started running around while I would walk around a local community center … and this set off a spark in my head. I can ride a bicycle in the TT style and run right after that? Neat! so I started running. The whole swimming thing was sprinkles on top of a triathlon cake after that.

I also joined a triathlon club here in the bay area called the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club

When I’m done with them please check out the following few pages for more specific information pertaining to those sports! [Swimming Page] [Cycling page] [Running Page]

I’m trying to utilize my blog as a place where I can post about my accomplishments, struggles and just any random thoughts I had. Please leave comments, questions or any kind of discussion in the comment section!

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